"How A Former BANKRUPT Discovered The Breakthrough Strategies To Successful Options Trading And Now Makes Up To US$22,368.60 A Month From The Comfort Of His Own Home!"

Read On To Discover How This Former Financial Misfit Managed To Transform His Life Around In Just 12 Short Months And How YOU Can Do It To...

From: Adam Khoo

Dear Investor,

Before I delve into my friend's, Conrad Alvin Lim, amazing story, I have to make one thing clear. Since you've landed on this webpage, it can only mean one thing; that you are interested in how YOU can make real money investing and trading in the stock market.

If that's not your interest at all, then I wouldn't want to waste your time and you can leave this webpage right now. BUT if you serious about becoming a successful stock market investor, then carry on reading...

First things first...

 Why Should You Listen To ME In The First Place About Making Real Money In The Stock Market?

Who am I and what qualifies me as an expert that can teach you the right strategies to trade profitably in the money markets?

Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Adam Khoo and I hail from sunny Singapore. I'm a self-made millionaire at age 26 and I run three full-time businesses with a combined turnover of over $20 million.

I'm also the bestselling author of six books, four of which can be found retailing on Amazon.com (click here to verify this).

I make at least $150,000-180,000 a year investing PART-TIME in the stock market, since I have three full-time businesses to run.

And in fact my strategies and investing philosophies have also been featured in the leading investment magazine in Singapore 'PULSES'.

So Am I Showing Off?


My point here is NOT to brag about my success to you at all, the point I want to put across to you is that I am the REAL DEAL and I know exactly what I'm talking about. Or I wouldn't have been featured in all those newspapers or magazines at all!

I have to let you know that I indeed walk the talk because I understand that you face many countless 'experts' and websites out there that claim that they know what they're talking about, but who could be taking you along for the ride!

So I just want to be upfront about my background so you know that you're learning from a real-life investor here.

Adam Khoo featured in the
The Edge.

Adam Khoo on the front cover of the investment magazine 'Pulses'.

With that I would like to introduce my good friend, Conrad Alvin Lim, to you and his amazing story about how he managed to transform himself from a down and out bankrupt into a really successful options trader today...

Conrad Alvin Lim’s Journey: How A Former Bankrupt Now Consistently Makes Up To US$22,368.60 A Month Trading in the US Markets!

In 2001, I took the last big hit of my life when I became a bankrupt. It was the result of a string of events that led me to that point in my life. Looking back, I believe that all those events happened for a reason and that reason was to lead me to the point in my life in which I now stand.

I had decided to go into business for myself. The business was a resounding success and I had to cope with this growth. So I hired more staff and expanded within a year in anticipation of more business. I spent money I had not collected and didn’t have. I became more ambitious and grew ever more careless. I turned an ignorant eye to the basic rule of business (which I felt was someone else’s responsibility) and neglected my cash flow.

By the end of 1999, recession was evident again. My company’s debts ran high and I compounded my impending fate by personally guaranteeing on several large debts. By the year 2000, I could not afford to pay out salaries and my staffs walked out. I could not collect on some of the outstanding invoices owed to my company as these companies were also in dire straits and were about to wind up.

The realization of my failure brought on my first and only nervous breakdown and I had become suicidal. All  my so-called friends were nowhere to be found. It was the most traumatic experience I would never want to re-live.

Biting the Bullet & Declaring Bankruptcy

Finally, after listening to my wife’s advice, I decided to put my pride aside and took the painful decision to bite the bullet and to (gasp!) downgrade. We sold the car and took the bus. We squeezed into a three room flat and sold off our precious things that we didn’t have space for. We adjusted our lifestyle and prepared for a life of poverty.

Finally, she advised me to take bankruptcy as an option as opposed to a life in debt. It was the worst thing I could do but the best advise I ever had. Looking back, I would not be where I am today had I not been forced by my wife to swallow my pride and grovel for a living. And that is just what I did.

Picking up the Pieces and Starting All Over Again

I went back to my roots and picked up several books on design and taught myself how to edit video and audio. As I learnt this new skill, several old clients from the past kept faith in my abilities and kept a constant flow of work coming to help me out. I churned out the work from my humble home and ran my small freelance business with low or no cost. The wife, needless to say, became the breadwinner and sole motivation for my comeback.

One of the clients to bring a steady flow of work in for me was none other than my co-writer, Adam Khoo. I soon learnt, by producing a lot of Adam’s materials, the importance of self-belief and the power of a positive mindset. I learnt that while I could not change the past, my destiny was within my control. I thought very hard about my future and started to set the goal of not only paying back my debts & getting discharged from bankruptcy, but to become a millionaire.

The idea of being an investor grabbed my imagination. I spoke to my wife, Lucy, about it. I showed her the material I was working on and how easy and affordable it could be to become a full time trader. The promise of becoming a millionaire and improving the life of our family and our future generations, the dream of having a financially free lifestyle and the simplistic approach to the method was just too good to resist.

Experiencing Initial Failure…

After attending our first trading workshop in an intensive, mind-crunching four days, Lucy and I quickly funded our first account with US$5,000 and began trading. As luck would have it, profits came fast and easy and our account grew by 20% in our first week of trading. We then hit our first few losses and told ourselves that this was normal in trading.

The losses accumulated and still we lived in denial. Ignorance became a reality check when we wiped out almost all of our capital and whatever profits we had made. So we re-funded our account with another US$5,000 and tried again. I attended several more trading workshops and picked up more strategies. Still, the losses kept mounting.

We couldn’t figure out why, after paying so much for these workshops and working so hard to stick to the rules, we were still losing money. I began to wonder if the claims of making money from investing were nothing but a big pipe dream.

Our savings were running thin, my media work was getting affected and the workflow had slowed to accommodate my trading workshops and trading at night. My health took a dip because of the late trading hours. My marriage was strained and my family was getting affected by my mood swings and short-tempered flares. This was not how I dreamt it would be. Things had taken a turn for the worse and the dream was becoming a nightmare.

Learning from Mistakes & Changing My Strategy

After four months and over US$10,000 in losses, I stopped trading and took some time away from the market. A friend suggested that I read Alexander Elder’s books “Trading for a Living” and “Come Into My Trading Room”. That led me to pick up more books on investing and trading.

After reading these books and learning the true ins and outs of investing, I finally realized why I was losing money. It was not that making consistent profits from the stock market was not possible. It was that the investing workshops I had attended had not adequately equipped us with the essential basics that were so necessary to an investor’s success.

The workshops did not teach us how to thoroughly analyze a company’s profitability and financial stability (known as fundamental analysis) as well as the essentials of understanding market psychology towards a stock (known as technical analysis).

Basically, the workshops run by many of these self-professed gurus gave just enough information for you to get all excited and kill yourself in the market. How on earth did I expect to pick up something in four days and believe that it would be so easy to accomplish something that others have taken years to build?

Getting Back to Investing Basics & Doing Whatever it Takes to Succeed

So I decided that I would do whatever it took to master the art of investing. I would first build a solid foundation by learning everything that needed to be learnt about investing in the stock market.

I hit the libraries, bookstores and Internet to suck out as much information as I could gather. I studied the finer points of Technical Analysis, Pattern Trading, Momentum Trading, Sector Investing and even Japanese Candlestick Analysis.

I got to know and modeled some real traders who gave valuable insights into the world of online trading. I started working out and running again and got my physical fitness back. With that, I got my self-esteem back up on the high.

US$50 a Day… Small but Consistent Profits

After three months of hard work and self-study, I was able to formulate a simple and affordable trading strategy which allowed me to consistently earn US$50 on single Options for every trade in less than five days. Soon enough, I was averaging US$300 a week with success in five out of every six trades. This first strategy that I had developed is known as the 5-Day Pre-Earnings Game.

This small but initial success gave me the confidence and motivation to learn even more and to work even harder. I began to learn and test more advanced strategies such as ‘Sector Rotation’, ‘Intra-Day Scalping’ and ‘Momentum Trading’, which you will learn in the chapters that follow.

Making US$5,000 – US$7,000 of Consistent Profits a Month

After more than a year of extremely hard work, I began consistently earning between US$5,000-US$7,000 a month in trading profits. And my earnings keep increasing as time goes by and my experience builds. In fact, I made US$7,000 within the first six trading days of the year (2007). By the end of January 2007, I took back a total of US$15,000 in profits.

After being a bankrupt for more than FIVE years (since 2001), I finally made enough money to pay off all my debts and applied to my official assignee to be discharged from bankruptcy. That moment was one of the sweetest memories in my mind.

Making US$22,368.60 In One Month!

January and February 2008 were blow out months for me. I performed very few trades but still managed a hefty profit to set a new personal record (in consecutive months).

Conrad's Winning Trades For Jan And Feb 2008

So, to celebrate a great start to 2008, I went out and bought myself a car … my first car in over 8 years, since before my bankruptcy.

Conrad With His New Car.

Working With Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

Its been 14 months since I started teaching at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group and 11 months since my discharge from bankruptcy.

Since then, more than 500 people have been through the Pattern Trader Tutorials’s doors. In that time, the Pattern Trader Tutorial has become the most sought after Basic Trading program and still remains the most affordable and most value-for-money program available in South East Asia. So much so, its demand in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta has seen its classes fill out effortlessly with little or no advertising and media attention.

A Full House Pattern Trader Tutorial Workshop.

In late June 2007, the Tutorial in Singapore was already fully booked till January of 2008 and we had to open up two extra classes in November and December to accommodate the demand. Now the pattern is repeating itself in Malaysia and Indonesia and 2008 is already looking to be a hectic year. But I’m not complaining.

#1 Bestselling Launch Of 'Secrets Of Millionaire Investors'!

2007 also saw me become a published author and a #1 bestselling author at that.

The launch of 'Secrets of Millionaire Investors' saw the book enter the Best-Sellers Top 10 at #4. It peaked at #1 for 3 weeks and stayed above its debut entry level for 10 weeks. That was a truly phenomenal experience for me.

To add to that sweet feeling were the constant feedback from readers that claimed that it was easily the most comprehensible book ever written on investing. I am truly proud of that.

Practicing What I Preach...

Lastly, my trades have seen an exponential growth in consistency and profits. This is something I credit to being a teacher and a coach. I truly believe that one can only get better when one shares, teaches and grows in a group. Putting myself on the line has exposed my every weakness for which I have no way out but to improve and practice what I preach.  Everything is real and achievable and the students appreciate that.

My students have made me proud to know that what I teach is applicable to what they want to trade, be it equities, currencies or options. They are also able to trade in any market anywhere in the world using any instrument they’re comfortable with. But I am most proud of the fact that they are flexible enough to trade several instruments and are able to stretch the parameters of what they have learned.

Conrad Being Featured In Share Investor Magazine

Nothing Is Impossible!

2007 was a year of growth and a recovery from bankruptcy. This recovery, I am told, is remarkable and to some, almost miraculous. I still have no idea what the big deal is because I simply did what I had to do.

Still, I maintain that it’s nothing to crow about because in order to have succeeded, I had to fail several times before. It is so humiliating yet humbling to have groveled amongst the poor and desperate but having come back, I only have one focus … to help to prevent others from taking that path to 'down-there'.

So if someone tells me that I have done the impossible, my only response will be that there are more impossible things to accomplish - like helping others to do what I have done. I have done and will continue to do whatever it takes to change and make people’s lives better because I know no better way to give back what I have gained.

When I first discovered about Conrad's story, I was moved by his sheer tenacity to succeed in this field and also by his impressive results in making money consistently month after month. So I decided to team up with him and combine our considerable investing and trading skills together, and write a book that would educate real life investors the right way to make money in the stock market.

So without further ado...

Introducing The
Secrets Of Millionaire Investors

Here's what you'll be discovering in this book:

Chapter 1: Making Money From The Markets
Adam Khoo's journey as a value investor and how he makes $150,000-$180,000 a year investing in the stock market part-time!
The no.1 reason why 95% of people kill themselves financially in the stock market, and how you can avoid this crucial mistake.
Conrad Alvin Lim's amazing journey from a former BANKRUPT into successful options trader who now makes up to $22,368.60 a month from home!
... and much more!

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Chapter 2: The Power Of Investing In Building Your Wealth
The one secret that will guarantee your investments remain LOW-risk and HIGH-return. Every time.
The no.1 investment vehicle that has proven to give the highest return over the last 50 years.
Why you must start investing in the US market right now!
How to become a MILLIONAIRE through the power of investing, simply by saving a measly 10% of your monthly income.
The 4 powerful investing strategies to multiply your money.
The 7 habits of highly successful investors.

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Chapter 3: The Idiot Proof Way Of Making Money
The only ONE strategy that requires minimal financial expertise and just about anybody can make almost RISK-FREE annual compounded returns of 10-12.08%!
The 3 principles to entering the market at the best time.
And the 2 principles to selling at the best time.
The one highly sensitive instrument you can use to triple your returns practically overnight.
... and much more!

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Chapter 4: Value Investing - Warren Buffett's Secret Recipe For Wealth
2 lessons that Warren Buffett swears by that has made him a $52 BILLION fortune!
The 5 crucial differences between Warren Buffett and the average investor. (The difference is obviously huge...)
The 3 steps to all Master Value Investors take that ensure their investing success.
The 9 criteria to buying a great stock at a great price:

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Chapter 5: Momentum Investing - Catching Stocks Before They Fly!
The 3 steps to all Master Momentum Investors take that ensure their investing success.
The 7 criteria to successful momentum investing:

One important tool you must use when momentum investing to protect your losses.
3 places to search for great momentum stocks to invest in.

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Chapter 6: The Amazing World Of Options
What are options and how you can use them to REDUCE RISK even further.
The two different type of options and how you can use them to protect your investments.
2 important guidelines you must follow to protect the value of your options.
... and much more!

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Chapter 7: Using Call Options To Reduce Risk And Boost Returns
5 steps to buying call options to boost your returns 100%-200%!
4 crucial points to take note of when selling covered calls.
3 key strategies to ensuring your bull call spread options are profitable.
... and much more!

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Chapter 8: How To Make Money In Any Direction
5 steps to make a TON of money even if a stock's price is in freefall!
The 4 indications that a stock's price is about to dive.
One secret strategy that master traders use to make money even if a stock price goes up or down.
... and much more highly sensitive information that Conrad will not reveal here!

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Chapter 9: Your Next Step To Financial Freedom
The reason why only 5% of people out there ever achieve their financial goals and what you need to do join this exclusive club.
How to decide on the investment strategies that are right for you and your current circumstances to guarantee the highest rate of investing success.
3 main factors to look at ensuring you find a good reputable online broker for your specific investment needs.
My personal Value Stock Investment Plan you can 'copy-and-paste' to create a winning investment strategy.
... and much more!

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I could easily sell this book for $97.00 and it would still be a bargain considering the amount of value you'll be receiving inside. The price of this groundbreaking book is only $97.00 $19.95!

BUT I'm only going to offer this price for an introductory period ONLY. The moment I feel that $19.95 is too low a price to justify the value I dish out in my book, I will raise the price.

"Tripled My Net Worth!"

Secret of millionaire Investors is all you have to know about investing packed in one book. It's the first investment book that I read, comprehended and implemented.

Had I not picked and read this book, my belief about "buying stock is gambling" would not have changed. Had I not implemented the strategies taught in this book, my net worth would not have tripled today.  

Better yet this book gives you a to-do list that you can adhere to! This is one of the important parts of the book! The to-do list has helped me a lot in taking action.

Fortunately for me I read this book before the credit crisis happened. When the market plunged, I applied the strategies given in this book. One year later! I made a 153% return. Secret of Millionaire Investors is easy to understand and very PRACTICAL. Period!

Arif Kosasi
Aachen, Germany

"Made Profits Of Over $300,000!"

I have benefited a lot from Secrets of Millionaire Investors. 

With practical investing principles gleaned from the book and other external read-ups, since Oct 08, I have invested in both Singapore and US markets. I managed to buy numerous stocks, including blue chips, at very low prices. Based on today's share prices, my paper and realized profits are around $300+K.
Looking forward to see whether are there any other good and under-valued stocks I have missed out and many thanks to you, Adam!
Hock Seng
Deputy Director, SingTel

But Why Is The Price So Low?

Simple. I want to sell as many books as I possibly can and get my and Conrad's name out into the investing world as quickly as we can. To be honest with you, I don't make a ton at all selling this book.

In fact I make more promoting my LIVE 4-day Wealth Academy seminars and Pattern Trader workshops. And so pricing my book as low as this is the perfect opportunity to introduce more people to my seminars and workshops. That's why I'm practically giving away this book at such a cut-throat price.

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I'm gong to make this offer absolutely RISK-FREE for you:

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In fact if you're that type of person who's always looking for a free ride, you can screw me right now and technically grab all my products right now for nothing. But I trust that you're not.

The only reason why I'm giving you such a iron-clad guarantee is because I truly believe in what my products have to offer you, and that they will undoubtedly work and create REAL results for real people such as yourself. Click here for instant download!

Let's wrap up...

If You Want To Make Real Money Investing In The Stock Market, Then Get This Book Right Now!

I'll be very direct with you. If you are not even willing to invest $19.95 in a book that could take your financial and investing education up to the next level, then seriously you don't deserve to be successful in this game at all.

With my 100% NO RISK money-back guarantee, there really is no excuse for you to NOT pick up this book right now!

I've already made it a sure-win situation for you - either you...

  1. Invest a measly $19.95 in this book and go on to create an additional income stream for you and your family through your smart investment decisions.
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You can only WIN on a deal like this. Period.

Yes Adam! I'm Ready To Discover The Secrets Of Millionaire Investors And Build My Million-Dollar Net Worth By Investing In The Stock Markets Right Now!
I understand that the introductory price of $97.00 $19.95 is for a limited time only, and that the price can be raised at any time without warning.
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To your investing success,
Adam Khoo

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